Wednesday, 18 August 2021

The time Neil caused mischief

Sabi's first day in work meant it was my official first day as a stay at home dad. Nothing terrifying about that, 60% of the time, they behave every time...

As it was a sunny, boiling hot kind of day, I decided it'd be nice to cycle into the neighbouring town (on Sabi's bike with trailer) to take the kids for ice cream, to the playground and then to the supermarket to buy some necessary food stuff. 

A lovely 3.5km bike ride down the mountain to Villanova and we arrived at the Gelateria a little sweaty and ready for ice cream. The shop was empty when we arrived so I donned my mask and the three of us entered to browse the flavours. Both kids already knew they wanted ciocolato flavour, but I pretended to browse to get my order ready in my head in Italian. 

Pretty sure I nailed it. "Un cono con ciocolato per favore". The nice lady behind the counter looked a little confused. asked me how many flavours I wanted. "Solo uno, ciocolato". She continued to look confused, but somehow managed to get it right. Then I had to order a second cone, the same. Hah. I just blabbered "ancora uno" which Sabi reliably informs me was correct. Nailed it. Two ice creams. 

By this time, the shop behind me had filled up with several other people, all intent on not socially distancing. I shimmied around to the lady who was taking payment and gave her some money (this bit was easy as I know numbers). 

Then I took a little step backwards and woahhhhhh, there is a grumpy* old Italian lady behind me with something (me) on her foot. Cue panic stations everyone. A hurried scusi and apologetic look before rushing the kids outta the door and back to the bike to hop skip and run to the playground where, thankfully, grumpy old ladies don't go. 

* I highly suspect the old Italian lady wasn't grumpy prior to my foot crushing hers. Social distancing is the greatest invention and outcome of the recent pandemic and I will be ever so sorry to see it go when (if) this thing ends. I didn't enjoy close contact (she enjoyed it less for sure). 

Aaaaaanyway. Lessons learnt? I doubt it. I'll very likely get flustered and cause more chaos in the future. Stay tuned.

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